"Your professionalism with the girls is OUTSTANDING. I have really enjoyed watching your interactions with your students, you are firm, but very fair! – A wonderful quality to have!´╗┐ Once again, THANK YOU for our wonderful dance experience´╗┐"

The Shergold Family, Coorparoo



Stunt, Tumble and Cheer with FAD All Star Cheerleading! FAD Cheerleading classes offer Level and Squad classes for all ability levels.

Cheerleading classes teach all the fundamentals of cheerleading such as Stunts, Tumbles, Cheer, Dance and Pom. FAD Cheer Squad classes combine all the elements of cheerleading into fun Cheer and Pom performance routines.


Do you want to dance like a pop star or like they do on High School Musical? Then this is the class for you ! Our Jazz classes are fun, upbeat and challenging, using the latest hit music. Jazz offers instruction in dance technique and performance skills. Classes from Beginner to Elite level.

Hip Hop

Do you want to learn the freshest hip hop moves on the street? Then the FAD Hip Hop Crew is for you! FAD Hip Hop classes include a mix of urban street funk, Tricks, Popping, Locking and Krumping all performed with loads of energy and enthusiasm.

Cutie Combo

A fantastic introduction class to all 3 dance styles: Jazz, Hip Hop & Cheerleading for the 3-5 age group. Our Cutie Combo classes are fun, bright and improve flexibility, rhythm and fitness. 






Cheer & Dance new intakes will start in January 2020. Contact us now to find out if FAD and Cheer Dance is the right choice for your child.




We have 12 Franchisees operating over 35 locations throughout South East Queensland.

Contact us to find a dance or cheerleading class near you. 


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Cheerleading & Dance Lessons in an Environment that is Fun, Safe, and Builds Your Child's Confidence. 

With One of the Most Respected Dance School in Australia.


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No matter how agile or skilled your child is, we know from more than 40 years of teaching experience that every child can dance, cheer and compete, if they want to.

Pay as you Go, only pay for the classes that you attend! No Term Fees! At FAD, class fees are paid on a weekly basis for the classes you attend. Our affordable class fees start from $11 for a 30 min class.

We are one of the most respected dance schools in the country and we make sure your child is in the safest environment. 

Cheerleading is the best way to combine gymnastics and dancing at the same time. The popularity of this innovative sport has grown by 27% on average, every year, in Australia for the last 10 years . 




Q: How much are classes?

A: Class fees are paid on a weekly basis for the classes you attend. Class fees start from $12.00

Q: Do I have to pay the term up front?

A: Only pay for the classes that you attend! NO TERM FEES! 

Q: How much is The Registration?

A: New students are welcome to attend up to 1 paid lesson before registration is due. 

Registration: $50 first child, $25 per child after first.

Registration includes Personal Student Accident Insurance, this is important for practice, performances and other events students may attend. (*Regular class fee applies to all introductory lessons attended. ^While stocks last.)

Q: What type of class best suits her age?

A: Students of similar age are grouped together and students with a higher level of proficiency can take advantage of our advanced class levels, we have classes for all ages.

Q: When Can I Start?

A: We take new students into our classes all year round. Classes run during school terms only. Fill in the form above and book your free trial lesson now!

Q: I am wanting to enroll my child, how do I do this?

A: Fill in the form above and send us your enquiry,  we will contact you within 24 hours.

Q: Do you have trial classes/Can I have my first one free?

A: Yes, we do! Click the pink button below, fill in the form and send us your enquiry now. 



Tumbling Lessons

Tumbling classes from ages 5 and up. 

Learn tumbling skills such as walkovers, round offs, handsprings and tucks.  

Classes include emphasis on body conditioning and skill progression.